UnifyFS Dependencies



Margo uses pkg-config to ensure it compiles and links correctly with all of its dependencies’ libraries. When building manually, you’ll need to set the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable to include the paths of the directories containing the .pc files for Margo, Mercury, Argobots, and OpenSSL.


  • spath for normalizing relative paths

UnifyFS Error Codes

Wherever sensible, UnifyFS uses the error codes defined in POSIX errno.h.

UnifyFS specific error codes are defined as follows:

Value Error Description
1001 BADCONFIG Configuration has invalid setting
1002 GOTCHA Gotcha operation error
1003 KEYVAL Key-value store operation error
1004 MARGO Mercury/Argobots operation error
1005 MDHIM MDHIM operation error
1006 META Metadata store operation error
1007 NYI Not yet implemented
1008 PMI PMI2/PMIx error
1009 SHMEM Shared memory region init/access error
1010 THREAD POSIX thread operation failed
1011 TIMEOUT Timed out