Wrapper Guide


This document is out-of-date as the process for generating unifyfs_list.txt has bugs which causes the generation of gotcha_map_unifyfs_list.h to have bugs as well. More information on this can be found in issue #172.

An updated guide and scripts needs to be created for writing and adding new wrappers to UnifyFS.

The files in client/check_fns/ folder help manage the set of wrappers that are implemented. In particular, they are used to enable a tool that detects I/O routines used by an application that are not yet supported in UnifyFS. They are also used to generate the code required for GOTCHA.

unifyfs_check_fns Tool

This tool identifies the set of I/O calls used in an application by running nm on the executable. It reports any I/O routines used by the app, which are not supported by UnifyFS. If an application uses an I/O routine that is not supported, it likely cannot use UnifyFS. If the tool does not report unsupported wrappers, the app may work with UnifyFS but it is not guaranteed to work.

unifyfs_check_fns <executable>

Building the GOTCHA List

The gotcha_map_unifyfs_list.h file contains the code necessary to wrap I/O functions with GOTCHA. This is generated from the unifyfs_list.txt file by running the following command:

python unifyfs_translate.py unifyfs_list

Commands to Build Files


The fakechroot_list.txt file lists I/O routines implemented in fakechroot. This list was generated using the following commands:

git clone https://github.com/fakechroot/fakechroot.git fakechroot.git
cd fakechroot.git/src
ls *.c > fakechroot_list.txt


The gnulibc_list.txt file lists I/O routines available in libc. This list was written by hand using information from http://www.gnu.org/software/libc/manual/html_node/I_002fO-Overview.html#I_002fO-Overview.


The cstdio_list.txt file lists I/O routines available in libstdio. This list was written by hand using information from http://www.open-std.org/jtc1/sc22/wg14/www/docs/n1124.pdf.


The unifyfs_list.txt file specifies the set of wrappers in UnifyFS. Most but not all such wrappers are supported. The command to build unifyfs list:

grep UNIFYFS_WRAP ../src/\*.c > unifyfs_list.txt


The unifyfs_unsupported_list.txt file specifies wrappers that are in UnifyFS, but are known to not actually be supported. This list is written by hand.